Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Review

This foundation is discontinued, but I reviewed it anyway. 

So I started reading Harry Potter all over again and from the very first chapter I was completely sucked in. It took me right back to 6th grade when my very animated 6th grade teacher Mrs. Henigan would read after Recess. So many people had recommended them, but I refused to read them because I was busy reading all the Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, Animorphs, Little House on the Prairie, books etc. Plus I swore up and down it was lame and I would hate it. Really I was reading everything I could get my hands on. Except Harry. I literally learned not to judge a book by it's cover back then. 

Anywho, lets talk foundation.

Bobbi Brown claims:
Foundation meets skincare. Bobbi's revolutionary two-in-one foundation utilizes light-reflecting technology to instantly give skin natural luminosity without traditional pearls. The medium-coverage formula makes skin look radiant, plumped and moisturized with a flawless texture that never looks cakey or dry.
Glycerin, sodium hyaluronate and muru muru seed butter boost skin's moisture while milk thistle extract and natural collagen stimulators visibly lift and firm for smooth and supple skin. A spectrum of color-true shades means all anyone sees is perfection.

Bobbi Brown is the very first makeup artist I had ever heard of. I think I saw it in a magazine when I was in middle school. And I'm pretty sure it was the shimmer bricks I saw first. Now all these years later, I finally bought my very first Bobbi Brown makeup. I really wanted to try the stick foundation because that's what I heard the most about, but this is what I found in the CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet). It was on sale for around $34. Which is still expensive. But still better than buying for full price.

The first thing I noticed about it was the scent. It smells like Lavender. I like it. Although I don't require a scent in my foundation one way or the other. Still it is a nice touch. The scent isn't strong, nor does it linger. 

I picked it up in the shade Almond. When I bought it, it was a little too dark/red for me. It still is, just a tad. But I can get away with it a little more now that I have some color from the sun (I bought it last winter!). I would probably pick a different color next time though.

As for texture, nothing remarkable. It's not thick, it's not thin. It's Thinking back it kind of reminds me of Revlon Colorstay. Except not as heavy feeling.

It's a medium coverage. Buildable. Doesn't emphasize pores. And doesn't look cakey unless you go overboard. I usually apply a really thin layer on my cheeks, chin, nose, and skip my forehead. Then I add a little more on my chin, where I have some old scars from breakouts.

It wears decently on MOST of my face. By the end of the day it's worn off the areas I need it to stay most, which is my chin. Setting powder will help with that, but most days I tend to not wear it- no time. Plus I like to review the performance of the foundation on it's own without the help of primer and powders. 

I don't notice much transfer. No one likes transfer.

This foundation is very luminous. Which isn't a great thing on my oily/combination skin, I knew that when I bought it, but I'm hard headed and don't learn, so I bought it anyway. When it's hot, it looks a little too glowy. But to be honest, all foundation does that on me. This handles the oil a little better than most other foundations. And when it's cooler out, I still have the glowy look. But I like it. It's glowy, and not greasy. 

The shade range is pretty good. I find Bobbi Brown foundations to have a wide variety so most people will be able to find something,which is always great!

It comes in a pretty 1 oz glass bottle. No pump.

Overall, I probably would not purchase this again. I would probably buy the Covergirl Queen Collection Foundation or Revlon Colorstay over this. I still do want to try that stick foundation though!

Have you tried anything from Bobbi Brown? Like it, Love it, Repurchase? Let me know in the comments!