Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Fugees

Ahh, the Fugees. The first time I ever heard them was sometimes after my older brother bought the CD and played the song for me. Killing me Softly. Every now and again he would make sure I was up on current music. I didn't know at the time the song was a remake. And when I finally heard the original I loved both versions. Actually I'm not even sure which I like more. Roberta Flacks soft version, or the more soulful remake. 

I love Lauryn Hill's style. And her makeup. 90's is some of my favorite makeup. Beautiful reddish brown/ brown lipsticks that looked amazing on brown skin, no lashes (most the time), clean base. I think she is one of the prettiest women ever, and her makeup was always flawless.

But I'm getting sidetracked. I have a few other favorite songs from the group- like Blame it On The Sun and Ready Or Not. Both sampled from pretty popular songs.

There will never be another Fugees. I miss the 90's. Sigh.