Monday, October 17, 2016

Game of Thrones Modern Cod Cakes

I heard they are pushing back Game of Thrones to start in August. And the sixth book STILL isn't out. And they are splitting the last book (although still unwritten) into two seasons. I'm not very happy with Game of Thrones. But I still love trying the recipes, because it's kind of fun trying medieval recipes. These cod cakes I made roman or historical first. They were very strange, and although I'm glad I tried them I wouldn't make them again. The more modern version, I liked a lot more. They were really good, except for some strange reason I though the cod came out rubbery. Could have been the fish, could have been the way I cooked it (not used to poaching fish!). I don't think it was the recipe.

It was mostly potato with some bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, garlic, salt, and pepper then you just fried them up. It says to use grapeseed oil, I always tend to use Olive Oil. But I probably should have used grapeseed since it has a higher smoke point. Everything was snap, crackling, and popping all over the place!

Overall, the flavor was good. And I almost would make them again, except I don't want to risk any more rubbery fish. 

Also, I tend to hate pan frying anything. It's my least favorite thing to do as far as cooking.

Click here to check out the recipe for yourself!