Monday, October 17, 2016

Shopping My Stash: Tom Ford Golden Mink

Just like the last time, I'm going through my collection and seeing if I can dupe a palette. A very expensive palette. Mostly for fun. Also to keep myself from wanting to purchase new shadows by looking through what I already have. And because I definitely cannot afford an $80 palette with only 4 shades, so why not dupe it?

So today, Golden Mink. I tried to dupe the Cocoa Mirage palette last time. I already know this is not one of the palette I would buy. Their is a deeper shimmer shade, a brown beige pink shimmer, and then two glitter shades. One glitter shade is already pushing it for me, I definitely don't want two! But maybe they look better in person and on the eye than the swatches I'm finding online. 

I already know for a fact I don't have anything to really dupe the two glittery shades exactly. I also don't have a dupe of the deep/medium shimmery brown. Nor the pink. So I guess if I wanted to buy one, since I don't really have the shades, this would be the one!

I tried to pass off Urban Decay Provocateur as one of the glitter shades. It's not pink enough. I have nothing that can pass for the more gold glittery shade. And the medium/deep brown shade I tried to layer shades. I layered Too Faced Amaretto, Gilded Gold, and Hazelnut. Looked OK on my hand, and like mud one the eye.

The only thing I liked was using the glittery shade as a inner corner. I probably would have never thought to do so otherwise.

My overall look was ...muddy. And I just wasn't really inspired my the colors. Probably because they were so off. I put glitter in specific places and it just doesn't really look that way. But that's how Urban Decay glitter shades work for me!

This shop my stash didn't really turn out so great for me. I had more fun with the Cocoa Mirage one. 

Although I don't have dupes of the shades, I don't find it's a palette I would want or buy. But I would love the see the glitter shades in action in person.

Is it a palette you would buy? Do you have dupes? Let me know in the comments!