Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

Continuing on with my adventure into more natural deodorants, I picked up the Crystal Body Deodorant. I have pretty much always been curious about these...and now all these years later I finally picked one up. I paid about $6 for mine, which is usually about the average I see them for.

Crystal claims:
Enjoy our original Body Deodorant Rock shaped into an easy to use, silky smooth twist-up stick.  Perfect for the Women and Teens, this natural mineral salt crystal lasts up to one year with suggested use

So basically you wet the stick and apply. Easy enough, but then I kept wondering if I was putting enough on. It felt like I was just rubbing water on my armpits. And its deodorizing powers are about the same as water. The first time around 2 hours later, I was like ...."What is that smell?"....and pretty horrified to see it was me! I thought it was a fluke but got the same results the very next day. Actually I feel like my pitts smell worse with this stuff than if I were to just skip deodorant completely

It has no anti-perspirant qualities, but I knew that going in. I didn't expect it to.

It claims to last a year..and actually I think it will be longer since most days it sits there unused! Sometimes I will use it with another deodorant just to try and use it. The other deodorant pretty much does all the work.

It didn't irritate my armpits at all. But then it shouldn't have since it's basically water.....

It's supposed to be better than traditional deodorants because it's free of aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium, and basically everything else. It's just a big ol' rock of Potassium Aluminum Crystal (still aluminum!). I should have done research on it, but to be honest I kind of lost most interest in it since it doesn't work for me. I kind of bought it thinking I'll look into it later. So I'm not really sure if it is better than conventional stuff or they just have clever advertising. 

So in short, I don't really recommend it based on my experience with it. But if you do decide to try it let me know how it works for you!