Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Project Pan #13

Feels like I haven't blogged in years and years. It's actually only been a couple weeks. I wanted to blog, but moving is will keep ya busy. I'm living on my own for the very first time. My very first apartment. It's kind of cool and not so cool at the same time. No one at home to bug. But thanks to modern technology everyone is only a FaceTime away. Anyway, I will probably have a lot more time to blog. In between unpacking and trying to make my apartment look pretty of course. First post in my new apartment..project pan. I  haven't used up very much, because I've been to busy to really get fancy with my makeup. But I'll do the post anyway.

1. NYX Mellow Yellow- All gone and good riddance! It didn't have much pigment and the texture sucked. 

2. Urban Decay Virgin-This should have been gone, but since I haven't been using it, still here. So close, I wish I could finish it before the new year, but I'm thinking probably not.

3. Urban Decay Naked-Same thing for Naked as for Virgin. Well actually I don't think I'll finish it anytime soon at all.

4. Too Faced Sun Bunny- Forgot about this one. I'm working on it. I hit the teeniest bit of pan. I need to put it in plain site so I remember it.

5. Too Faced Brow Kit- I haven't touched this in a month. But I've got the a new MAC 208 to use with it. I'm tired of the little brush that came with the kit and I've been wanting a new brush for ages. Maybe that will motivate me to use it up!

6. Benefit Primer- I only have a tiny bit left, but I'm going to add it anyway. Why not? It will definitely be gone by next update.

7. L'oreal HIP Intrepid- A favorite, but I seriously only have like one use. It's time for me to just say goodbye. 

And that's it for now! Stayed tuned for the next update...in like two weeks!

Random: This ice-cream is amazing! Strawberry is my favorite ice-cream ever...but this cherry vanilla gives it a run for it's money. Have you tried it? I want to learn to make my own ice-cream but until then...Haagen Daaz is my favorite!