Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Remy's Tomato Soup

I love making things from Lets Eat Fiction. First off, they have some really cute ideas for things to make. So far I've made the Chocolate Pie from the movie The Help, the Simpsons donuts, and a couple of other fun things. I think I saw Ratatoullie one time, and the standout recipe was definitely the ratatouille. Which I've never tried, but I'm hoping it makes me feel like the grouchy reviewer did when he had it. Of course, it won't take me back to childhood or anything like that, but I still want to try it. In the meantime, I tried the soup.

Which was great. I don't think I've ever had tomato soup before. Soup with tomatoes but nothing where the tomatoes could be the star. This soup was so good. I saw the video the author of Let's Eat Fiction did, and she mentioned watching the scene over and over to make sure she got everything the Remy added.

I don't think I used all fresh herbs. I think I used fresh basil and thyme, but dried bay leaves. I just happened to have those herbs leftover from another recipe so I figured I would make use of them. Not many pics but you get the gist.

Remy can cook. And Remy needs to release a cookbook. I would seriously buy it.

This soup is definitely not diet soup. It's a very rich soup. Just wanted to point that out. 

The only problem I had was my cheese separating. But otherwise.. great recipe. And one I would definitely make again when I'm in the mood for tomato soup. 

Click here to check the recipe out!