Sunday, December 18, 2016

Samples Review: MAC Zoom Lash, Somme Institue Skin Reset, Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

Been awhile since I've done one of the posts, mostly because I don't want to use the samples I have left. I recently got some new ones, we have this review!

This would be my very first time trying a MAC mascara. I didn't even know you could get tiny samples of mascara like this until I picked up the sample with an order from Nordstrom. The full size would run you about $18. MAC mascaras have had quite a jump in price, I remember when they were all like 14 dollars. It has a natural hair tapered brush that works decently and very good black color. It's decent and good for everyday, although it didn't build as quickly as I would like until it dried out some. Not sure if I would purchase, the price is a little off-putting. 

Somme Institue Skin Reset
I've never heard of this brand, but it is made in the USA. I only had a sample so I can't speak to it's ability to reset the skin. It makes some pretty big claims though. Can't say I saw any significant change . My skin isn't very wrinkled so I probably wouldn't be able to see much of a difference anyway. It has some good stuff, along with your regular typical junk ingredients, glycols, cones etc. The scent is one thing I didn't like, it smelled like berry nutria-grain bars or medicine or something like it. And I got a pretty big pimple the day after I first used it. Overall, not impressed. Not something I would think of purchase for $85 for 1.7 ounces. To be honest I probably wouldn't even purchase it for ten. 

Clinique Last Doubling Mascara 

And the worst for last. I haven't tried a ton of Clinique makeup, mostly because their  stuff seems extra boring. And it looks pretty boring too. The only thing Clinique had going for it, is it was on the lower end price in a department full of more expensive brands. Since most Clinique mascara run about $14, it was on my list of stuff to try. But after trying this, no more. It goes on decently, and wears ok as long as your eyes don't water. My problem is I always seem to get this in my eye. AND IT STINGS! This has never happened with any other mascara. My eyes start to water, then I have mascara smudged everywhere. This is usually not good, because I live my morningsin a rush and I just don't have time fore this! I usually poke myself once a week, no matter how careful I am. I think maybe it's the brush shape? Or maybe just me. Anyway, I hate it, don't recommend it all! I just checked and it's $17.50. No way!

That's all, no winners the round. But I have a couple more samples to get though so maybe I'll something then.

Have you tried any of this stuff? Did you like it?