Sunday, January 1, 2017

Worst Beauty Products of 2016

Alright! Time for one of my favorite posts of the year!! I love going back through and finding all of the things that I hated and would not recommend to anyone. Ever. I haven't gone through them yet, so I'm curious to see if it's a lot of things..or just a couple. 

So let's get started!

1. Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap- I was super excited about trying this soap. But in the end I couldn't stand the scent and it was kind of drying. If you are looking for a good ayurvedic soap I would recommend Auromere Sandalwood/Turmeric soap. That's my favorite so far!

2. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Shampoo and Conditioner- I don't tend to have much luck with Shea Moisture hair stuff. Except the raw shea stuff. This stuff did a whole lot of nothing for my hair. No moisture, could have cleaned better, wasn't a fan of the scent..and on and on. Sorry Shea Moisture!

3. Zum Bar Frankincense Patchouli Soap- I love the smell of Patchouli. I love the smell of Frankincense. I HATE this combination. Just...yuck! I do like the brand and I would recommend the Sea Salt one if this brand is intriguing you. Or the Clove Mint. Those are two of my faves.

4.Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening- I feel most of Miss Jessie's products are very overpriced and full of junky ingredients. And they don't do much for my hair. This is supposed to give you nice stretched out curls. Instead my hair ended up a frizzy mess. And it doesn't give you much moisture. And as I said before...overpriced..... And I got it for free (stole it from my sister who got it free also!).

5. Sappo Hill Lavender Soap- This made it purely because of the scent. I don't know what kind of Lavender oil they use to scent it, but it smells terrible. I've never come across a natural Lavender scented product with a scent I disliked more. 

6. Mwah Coconut Chick Lip Balm Slider- Smelled like coconut/olive oil. Was really smoothing, but I really hated the scent on this stuff! Probably one of the grossest lip balm scents I've come across. 

7. Revlon Ultimate All in One Mascara- The one with the red cap. This mascara is supposed to be the ultimate and do it all. But what it does it a whole lot of nothing. I got it for a dollar with a coupon, and still don't think it was worth that. In the end the plunger broke and I tossed it out. Just skip it!

8. Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer- I have oily lids and have a hard time getting shadow to stick to my lids. I expect a primer to make my shadow last ALL day. This doesn't. I get creasing, fading...everything. It's almost better to use nothing at all. So disappointing. Especially when I think of the price. I can't wait to use it up and try something else. 

 9. Crystal Body Deodorant- Doesn't work. At all. Better of not using deodorant than trusting this to work. 

10. Soapbox Soaps- I'm kind of sad to add these to the list since I like the company. But these soaps gave me some pretty bad irritation. Itchy, dry, inflamed irritated skin. Wasn't a fan. I tried the peppermint and mandarin (smelled nice). Not for me!

Annnnd that's it! A perfect 10. I wasn't expecting to have such a short list, but that's good because it means I didn't waste too much money in 2016. 

Stayed tuned because I will be posting my favorites tomorrow!! Hopefully I have more than 10!