Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apple Turnovers

I made apple turnover. The best I've ever had/made in my life- they even beat my favorite ones that they sell in German bakeries. And I can't find the recipe. The blog just up and disappeared or else I can't remember the name of it.

The last one opened on me!

But I'll post about them anyway. And post as much as I can remember about the recipe. I chose it because it uses puff pastry, which I basically mastered making when I made Napoleons. So these take the most time of any apple turnover I've ever tried to make, but they are so worth it. I make the puff pastry the day before, then all that's left is to make the filling and bake it. That's where the recipe came in.

The filling was made on the stove with a lot of butter, some spices, and an unusual spice that I can't remember for the life of me. Most of the turnover recipes I've made you mix up the filling and bake it in the dough in the oven.

I made these twice. And the third time I made a batch with fresh strawberries and cream cheese. I can't even tell ya how good.

The best thing was sprinkling turbinando sugar on the outside while it baked to give it a little crunch.

And this recipe makes the first I literally sat outside the oven and watched the puff pastry puff.
Apple Filling

Strawberry and Cream Filling. 

I used my go to puff pastry recipe from Food Network. This is the only one I have tried. I like it because it uses a little less butter than other recipes. I like to use European Butter when I make the pastry so the puff can be a bit pricier, but still a lot cheaper than buying high quality puff pastry. 

I should make these and fill them with Nutella. 


Anyway, best apple turnovers I have ever made (not that I've made many..but still). I'll keep working on finding the recipe and will post it later if I find it. 

Do you have a go to apple turnover recipe? Share with me in the comments! I'm going to need something if I can't this one!