Sunday, February 12, 2017

Samples Review Whish Flawless Swipe Serum, MAC Falsies Mascara, and Strivectin Eye Concentrate

It's that time again, I've got another batch of samples to post a mini review on. Mostly samples of stuff I would never buy because of price, and overall they just aren't that impressive.

1. Whish Flawless Swipe Post Wax & Shave Serum- I had a sample of their shave cream before, and they don't do anything a drug store shaving cream doesn't do. But this product is on a whole new level of pointlessness. The price is $22 for 30 wipes. Which is very costly for a useless product. I shaved, wiped it on, and couldn't see the point. Stick with coconut oil, moisturizer, etc. The wipe barely had any serum on it, it smelled like cucumber melon but the scent didn't stick around. No recommendation and I would even pass on another sample. 

2. MAC Falsies Lashed Extreme Black Mascara- This mascara isn't terrible and wears ok, except when I wear it to work. Then it wilts and disappears by the time I get home. But when I don't do much it seems to last OK. I would be OK with that is it were a cheap drugstore mascara, but it isn't. So...not impressed with it enough to buy or even recommend. It did give decent curl, length and volume. It won't blow you away. But it was there. 

3. Strivectin Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles- I'm not an eye cream girl, I've tried many samples and have just determined them to be a waste of time for me. Whatever I'm using on my face goes under my eyes. This particular eye cream will run you $70. I didn't notice a difference in my wrinkles (don't have many at this point) but I did notice it clogged my skin all around my eyes and I had the bumpiest skin while using it. Not sure what's in it that my skin is reacting too, but not anything I would pay even $3 for. Just didn't do anything for me. But they are very generous with the sample. It will last you quite a while. And it's non-scented. As all eye cream should be. 

Another round of disappointing samples for sure. Better luck next time I guess.

Have you tried any of these? Like them? Love? Hated? Let me know in the comments!