Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Project Pan #15

Are we really at fifteen already? I'm a little late, but I wanted to space this one out a little more from the last one. And I've been slipping. I've been busy/lazy lately. And I miss my camera. I really do. I'm thinking about getting another. I really like having a separate camera even though I have two phones with cameras in them now. I just need a separate camera. 

Anyway, let's get started.

1. Urban Decay Virgin- GONE! I'm so glad this one is done. And years after I received my Naked I've finally used up a shade. Now here's to hoping I keep going.

2. Urban Decay Naked- Yeah, this one is still here. It's a little firmer pressed and I just don't really have a great everyday use for it. But it has to go. Maybe month and half it will be gone?

3. Too Faced Sun Bunny- Even though I barely use it, it's disappearing. I'm not mad though. I'm over it and ready to move on to the next. 

4. Too Faced Brow Kit- I only fill my brows in when I get home. Which makes no sense. But it's helping to use it up. It's just the wrong color for me and I am determined to use it up. 

5. NYX Minimalism- I've used this sparingly a couple times. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere...but I'm going to keep at it!! 

6. NYX Peach Bronze- This is an easy everyday color for me. Except I haven't being wearing eyeshadow everyday. And if I do it's always matte brown in the crease. But I'm adding this to project pan. -forgot to take a pic, but I will add it next time!!

So those are the things I'm currently panning. A solid five. I'm liking the smaller list. Think I might keep it that way.

And onward with the panning!

Random: I decided to try some Mango Ice-cream because I love Mango-but this one is way tooooo sweet. Is it wrong that I add it to green smoothies to tone down the sweetness?