Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Afghan Shorwa Birinj (Rice Soup)

In cooking different soups from Afghanistan, I've found I really enjoy a lot of soups from their soups.  They are simple for the most part, but so good. I'm a big soup fan though, and I can eat soup any season, for lunch and dinner....for days. 

I love that they make leftovers (sometimes tons!) and they are relatively easy with simple, healthy 

I wasn't too sure about the ingredients in this one...it doesn't call for stock- you don't need it though! And it doesn't have much seasoning. Just dill, salt, and pepper. And I thought I didn't like dill. But apparently I was wrong. It tastes great in this soup. I used the dried stuff because I didn't need a whole bunch of the fresh stuff that would probably end up going in the trash.

It's a rice soup- with the meat of your choice. I chose to use lamb vs chicken- because I eat chicken all the time, and it's nice to switch it up sometimes. I don't think I've ever had soup with lamb- which is a shame because it makes some pretty good soup. 

This soup is a favorite and definitely one I would recommend trying. I'm saving it as a soup that I would make again. And one I would recommend. I had mine with flat bread- which I make all the time now, now that I know how easy it is. It's a lot easier than baking a loaf of french bread or something else like that when I just want something to go with my soup. 

If you like soup-give it a try! This is a great recipe!

Click here for the recipe.