Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cashew Chocolate Candy Bars

Mmm. Candy Bars. I don't buy them. Not really. Unless you count chocolate bars. Although the other day I was very tempted to pick up an old school Cookies N Cream bar from Hersheys. It  used to be my favorite. Along with Twix. I think Twix is one of my all time favorite candy cars. It must be the shortbread/caramel/chocolate combination.

 I've seen various recipes for candy bars. But haven't really tried one. Its not something people really make, I don't think.

But I figured I would give these a try. They were next on my list anyway. 

These are a little different from your typical candy bar. First off, they are very expensive to make. Unless you happen to have dates, raw cashews, coconut flour, maple syrup, and almond butter on hand. These also call for shredded unsweetened coconut, almond extract, and dark chocolate chips. 

Different for sure. 

First I made almond butter. You can use store bought, but I had almonds already and no almond butter. So I made my own. I toasted my almonds a little too much so they were a little too roasted but you couldn't tell in the final candy bar. I always over toast my nuts when I toast them. It's just hard to tell the moment they go from being raw to toasted. One day I'll get it right.

Also, I didn't feel like dragging the food processor out, so I made mine in my blender. It was a pain to get the mixture out. But it worked. The "dough" was delicious. It tasted like those little cashew energy bars you can get. I think they are by Lara bar.

Then just place them in the pan and melt the chocolate chips with the coconut oil and pour it over the mixture. Refrigerate and done.

I cut them up and kept them in the freezer and took them to work as little energy bites. 

They were really good though. And I would definitely make them again. 

I have no idea they were so easy to make. 

I would recommend this recipe for sure. Especially if you like Lara Bars. I am saving it, and will definitely make it again, if I happen to have the the ingredients on hand. Or just if I'm craving a "healthier" candy bar.