Thursday, March 23, 2017

Game of Thrones Venison Pies

Well, not venison, because I can't eat Bambi. So I just used beef. Not that I don't like cows, because I really do. It's just I don't link cows with a childhood favorite movie. So whenever these recipes come up I just use beef. I do try to buy humanely raised meat, if that makes any difference-which I think it does. 
Medieval Recipe- Marinated meat and the finished product.

Anyway this recipe is from Game of Thrones. Well two of them actually, a modern one with with things like onions, sweet potato (love sweet potatoes-never had a meat pie with it..and it's yum), mushrooms, bacon, and red wine. Not your regular beef pies for sure. And then the not so modern one, made with rye dough (I just used regular flour because I made a mess of the rye I bought), the meat, ginger, sugar cinnamon, and red wine.

Without a doubt I preferred the modern ones. The spices were a little strange to me and it came out way too boozy for me. 

The modern ones were pretty good. But I don't think I would make them again because I HATE shaping meat pies. If it were apples or strawberries in it, I'm all ready. But for some reason meat pies are a no go for me.
Look, nice chopped up veggies-my favorite part of cooking!

I have a tendency to dry out any meat pie. It's my short coming. I can cook a whole of things I'm quite proud of but meat pie=. I think I get overzealous and over cook the filling. The modern ones weren't as dry. But they were just a bit. 

Overall, fun. Definitely fun to make and try. But not something I will make again if I'm being completely honest. That whole shaping them thing wears me out. 

Click here to check both recipes out.

And speaking of Game of Thrones, when is the new season coming out? I know a promo came out, but I don't want to watch it, because it's going to make me NEED see this new season immediately, and I think it will be awhile since I thought it was delayed. Anyway, I guess I have these recipes to tide me over in the meantime.....