Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Roasted Potatoes with Shallots and Thyme

Mmm, I love potatoes. Baked or roasted. Sometimes mashed. Fried are ok. But just ok. I prefer them baked or mashed or roasted to fried any day. I've experimented with a couple of different flavors..different spice mostly..cajun, curry. I haven't tried an actual recipe in awhile. Just throw whatever on them and into the oven they go. This is a little fancier than most but still super easy. Supposed to use a bunch of mixed potatoes. I just used whatever baby potatoes I found at the farmers market. I mean, most potatoes taste the same anyway.

I wish I had tried it with the mixed baby potatoes I saw later on though. I didn't know they came all mixed up in the bag already. 

This recipe was pretty easy, potatoes, rosemary or thyme, olive oil, garlic,  and shallots. 

And roast. 

But I had some criticisms. Just setting the herbs/galic in the tray didn't really do anything to flavor the potatoes. And it wasn't a high enough temperature to make really crisp roast potatoes. Like I like them. They weren't really done in that amount of time, so they will take much longer than what the recipe says.

This recipe did intro me to roasted shallots though. My local store had some red ones for $7.99 a pound. Ouch. But something happened to them in the oven. They got super sweet and caramelized and just...good. I pretty much wanted to pick through and get all the shallots. And I definitely picked out a lot. 

I think I need to pick up some more shallots and roast them. Maybe a couple of potatoes to go with them. But mostly shallots.

Overall, this was an OK recipe. It needs some improvements for sure.

Would probably go for another recipe next time. 

See? Not brown enough. Not brown at all actually. I made baked  chicken to go with it.

Check it out here to check the recipe for yourself. Got it from Food Network!