Monday, March 27, 2017

Zum Oil Frankincense and Myrrh Massage and Body Oil Review

This was supposed to be a completely different post. I planned on trying out Benefit's Brow Bar over the weekend, just to see if they were all they were hyped up to be. I went to Ulta, waited for them to find the brow lady....and when I saw her.  SMH. I've never seen such horrible makeup/brow in my life. They were like the thick, drawn on, instagram, square shape brows. I was trying to come up with a reason why I couldn't get my eyebrows done, when luckily she checked her book and told me I could come back in as a walk-in at 2. I was like..sure yeah, ok. I'll see if I can make it back. And then I ran for my eyebrows life. I ended up getting them threaded and I'm not happy with that either. A good brow lady is hard to find. So now...I'm letting them grow out. Do you trust people with jacked up brows to do yours? 

But enough about brows. 

Let's talk oil. 

Zum Oil.

Zum claims:
  • These trance partners pair up for a classic reunion of dark, dreamy, deep, woodsy, and sweet that overflows from head to toe. Our most popular couple. Zum Oil hits every spot, A to Z. It's the purest of massage and body oils that sends a clear message: O-M-G. A little pump will do ya. And before you know it, you're plastered in a sea of chi. Goodbye kinks, hello kinky. Never crude (unless you want to be) with ingredients like shea butter and oils of sweet almond, avocado, meadowfoam seed, and hemp.
I've tried a handful of their soaps. And I've really been wanting to try some other stuff from them. And when I saw this oil, I had to have it. I loved the way it smelled in the store. Kind of exotic. So I took it home. I think I paid around $11.00 for it. More expensive than some other ready made oils for the price-but it is frankincense and myrrh. You know...Jesus Oil. It's going to be higher priced for sure.

I hear frankincense has magical healing properties. And I believe it. Because why else would they bring frankincense to Jesus if it weren't the best. There are a ton of reviews on Amazon where people confirm their own healing stories. But I didn't buy this for healing. I just got it because I thought it would smell good.

For some reason though, it doesn't smell as good as the tester. It smells kind of like Avon's infamous bath oil (bug solution!). If you like that stuff, you would most certainly love this, and I would recommend it as a more natural alternative. 

As for me, I just feel like something is missing from the scent. Something powdery? IDK. I wanted to smell like my favorite Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Soap that's also supposed to be frankincense and myrrh. 

As for the performance, it sinks in quickly. And the scent sticks around, so if you like it. that's definitely a plus. Plus it makes your skin pretty soft.

I also almost forgot to mention, I thought the bottle was glass, but it's plastic- which is too bad because I love glass packaging. And I don't like the dispenser. It seems to leak just a little every time I use it. The packaging is meh, but the label is cute.

It's completely natural- (not sure about the fragrance oil though!). With good for your skin ingredients. Really you can't go wrong with them.

Sweet almond oil, shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil extract, certified organic sunflower oil, avocado, fractionated coconut and hemp oils, essential oils, fragrance oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), and rosemary extract.

I wouldn't buy this again. Wouldn't say this is a terrible oil. I just don't love or even like the scent enough to get it again. But I will try more scents. The Grapefruit, Lavender Lemon, and Sea Salt all seem like they would be amazing.

Have you tried any frankincense and myrrh oils? Any recommendations for me? 

Let me know in the comments!

I tried Lavender yogurt...and it's like the best flavor ever! The other flavors I've had from this brand were meh-like the strawberry, mango, sweet cream. But this lavender. Heaven! The brand is Liberte.