Saturday, March 25, 2017

Princess and the Frog Po' Boy Sandwich

I had no idea what a po' boy sandwich was before this recipe. A little Disney cookbook is just introducing me to all these great new recipes.  

It's a simple sandwich. Not as complicated as the Muffuletta Sandwich from the same book. But just as good. This is just mayo, lettuce, tomato, roast beef, and gravy.

So to make it complicated I made EVERTYING from Scratch. I tried a new french bread recipe...and perfected it since this first time I made it. I make bomb french bread now. It take a day or two but it's so worth it.

I made the roast beef. Just bought a bottom round and roasted it with some seasonings for about an hour or so. I never knew making roast beef for sandwiches was so easy.

I made the mayo. Olive oil, eggs, mustard, spices, lemon, stick blender and a couple seconds later...mayo.

And I made some gravy. I tried to use the pan dripping from the roast. And let me just say...I can't make gravy. It's just too hard. But luckily it disappears into the sandwich and you won't even notice.

Put it all together with some lettuce and tomato. And...po' boy.

It doesn't really need a recipe- you jut put however much you would like to have on each sandwich. 

So good. I've definitely made some of the best sandwiches I have ever had. Go me!  

I'm kinda sad that was the last sandwich recipe in the book. 

Maybe I should try it with fried shrimp next?


This is a terrible picture of the sandwhich- but after making all of that stuff I just wanted to eat it. And taking pics kinda fell to the wayside. Whoops. I promise it looked better than this picture.