Monday, April 10, 2017

Beef and Barley Soup

Yes, another soup. But this one is different because the other two were vegan. This recipe is a Game of Thrones recipe. I just looked it up and found out the show won't be on until June/July. I think July. I'm not too happy about that. Seems to me they are doing the same thing delaying the show like the book. Except I feel like the book is postponed indefinitely. Which is a bummer, because I read them. And I might not have if I had known he never planned on finishing them. 

But...I keep making the recipes anyway. Like my own little Game of Throne fix in absence of the show. I'm still cooking the Northern recipes. The latest...beef barley stew. Or soup, because I didn't thicken mine. I'm not the biggest fan of stew. I mean, it's OK. But it's never something I crave.

But I'm game to try anything. So I got the ingredients and got to cooking. I wish I had homemade  beef stock, because I think it would have tasted different with homemade stuff. And I ended up using the entire carton instead of one cup because I didn't want t throw it away because I probably wouldn't have used it up. And I don't like to waste.

This had your standard veggies...carrots, mushrooms, onions (it called for pearl but I used regular), and garlic. And a new to me veggie-turnips. I had quite a bit leftover and roasted the rest and I have to say I actually really like turnips.

It's flavored with thyme and salt and pepper. Simple spices. 

And of course it has beef and barley. Which I love barley. It's good for the heart so I like using it in recipes.

The great things is I had soup for about a week. And it gets better as it sits. So that means I didn't have to worry about cooking anything to take for lunch and dinner some nights. Win!

Overall, it was OK. I really did like it a bunch more after it sat for awhile. I don't think this is a soup I would make again, nor is it a recipe I'm pinning to make again.

But healthy, and fun to make for sure!

Click here to check out the recipe for yourself!