Tuesday, April 11, 2017

NARS #48 Brow Defining Brush Review

 I'm stuck in front of the TV watching a movie I've seen about a million and one times. But I can't help it, whenever it's on I have to watch it. It's My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I love that movie. There's only a couple movies in the world that make me watch again...and again. A couple of weeks ago it was Friday (the plot is basic- but I LOVE that movie). Those are probably the only two movies -besides Shrek- that I almost know a lot of the scenes by heart. And still I watch them. 

But I figured I could crank out a blog post. While I watch. Since it's not like I'm going to miss anything.

NARS claims:
Define, shape and fill in sparse brows. Firm bristles provide control and deposit powder with a hair-like effect.

I've been meaning to write this post forever. I've probably had this brush about 3 years. Maybe longer. I bought it because I really wanted another brow brush. And I was curious about this. It's not like any other brow brush I've come across. It's like those rough boar bristle brushes my mom used to brush (assault?) my hair with.  It would get all the little fly aways smoothed into each little individual pony tail but it sure did hurt. This is exactly like those brushes. 

It's a lot thicker than any brow brush I'm used to. You absolutely cannot mimic the look of natural hair. Not sure why they think that. 

 I'm not a fan. The brush is kind of pricey at $26- although I'm sure I bought it a bit cheaper. I find I prefer a thinner brush because there is more control. This kind of does a larger wash of color over the brows- which is better if you are going for thicker brows or are in a rush. 
MAC 266, NARS 48, MAC 208

The brush is sleek and it's lasted quite well, which I can't say for some of the other NARS brushes I have. It does have a little splay but I think it's been like that since I bought it and I haven't noticed it affected the brush negatively.

Also almost forgot to add it seems to use up more brow powder too than my other brushes. It seems to just kick up a lot of powder compared to my other brushes.

It's made in China, as most NARS brushes are.

If I had to do it all over again I would stick with my MAC 266. So far that's my favorite angle brush -and bonus it can double as a liner brush which this can't. It would be painful to use on the eyes. I'm flinching just imagining it. 

This is a skip.