Saturday, April 22, 2017

Best Ever Beer Cheese Soup

If it wasn't for my rotation of recipes, there are some things I would never ever try. Like this recipe. I have never heard of beer cheese soup. Apparently it's pretty popular in some parts of the midwest. I've never been to the midwest so that might explain it.  

 Since I'm not a fan of beer it's not something I would ever make on my own. But when I read that pretzels are a great thing to serve with it, I was a little more interested in trying it out. 

It's definitely not diet soup, not with all that cheese and half and half. But it does have some veggies in it- carrots and red bell pepper. 

It was easier to make than I thought. And it was pretty good. Not amazing. Not something I ever have to have again. But interesting. And even though I don't like beer, I could taste it in this and it had a pretty nice bight flavor. 

The soup called for goat cheese and fresh thyme for garnish. I didn't do that. The soup has enough flavor. Kind of cheesy, a little mustard-y. I added a little less than it called for because a couple reviewers said the mustard flavor was a little overpowering and I would tend to agree. I also did not puree it. I like the idea of little bits of carrots and pepper. 

I made the soup. And my sister made homemade super cute mini pretzel bites. Nothing beats fresh homemade pretzels. And they tasted pretty good dipped in the soup. I like my pretzels with mustard usually so I thought the mustard flavor was good with the pretzels. 

I got the recipe from Food Network. Click here to check it out for yourself.