Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dr. Bronners Lavender Hand Sanitizer Review

The more I try of the Dr. Bronner's brand, the more I like it. Their castille soap's are great, their lotions are pretty nice too. And as far as I know their products are all natural. They are also scented with essential oils. And the scents really come through. Sometimes with essential oil stuff, the scent is weak, which is kind of weird because the oils themselves are pretty powerful. Anyway, I really wanted a natural hand sanitizer I could carry around with me. First I tried making one with Tea Tree oil, but it didn't seem to be working out for me, so then I just would spritz rubbing alcohol on, but that's not really great for your skin and it's very drying. So when I saw this, I picked it right up.

Dr. Bronner's claims:
Our Organic Hand Sanitizer kills germs with a simple formula: organic ethyl alcohol, water, organic lavender oil, and organic glycerin—that’s it! None of the nasty chemicals you find in conventional sanitizers, but just as effective. Our Organic Hand Sanitizer is perfect for using on the go, on your little ones’ sticky hands and faces, even as an air freshener or deodorant. Sanitize with a clean conscience. All-One!

Spray our Organic Hand Sanitizer onto hands to quickly kill bacteria when no soap and water are available! Or use as deodorizer: spray twice or more into the air to enjoy a wonderful lavender aroma. Spray on children’s hands and faces to clean up sticky messes—wipe clean! OK!

I bought this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The pice is around $4. But with coupons I ended up paying around $2 for it. Yay, coupons!

So the ingredients are super simple, just alcohol, water, lavender oil, and glycerin. All organic and all fair trade. That's one of the best things about Dr. Bronners brand, they are a very responsible, ethical, company.

I just spritz about three sprays and rub it in, and all clean. I keep it in my bag and use it whenever it's not convenient to wash my hands...usually at work before I eat lunch...or before a snack or just whenever you would need to use a hand sanitizer.

The smell is great! A nice true, and decently strong lavender. They are serious about it being an air freshener. it really freshens the air and all you smell is Lavender for a couple minutes after you spray it.

I wouldn't call it moisturizing, but it's also not too drying. 

And it's been lasting decently long. I've had this bottle for quite awhile and still have some left.

It's my favorite hand sanitizer. I plan on getting a couple more and stockpiling them since I have another Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon. 

And one day I plan to try the EO brand which is very similar to this, but I think it's a little better priced.