Friday, April 21, 2017

Princess and the Frog Facilier's Fruit Salad

I eat a lot of fruit. And I mean a lot. I've never met a fruit I didn't like. But I've never made a fruit salad. Never. I just eat it as is. 

So I was pretty excited to try this recipe. Fresh fruit and mint. Can't go wrong with that. And it's from one of my favorite cookbooks- and one of my least favorite characters in the movie, Facilier.  Which is strange because I usually love a good villain.

I made this back in February and was shocked I found a sweet cantaloupe- and oddly enough I haven't found a great ripe one again. But it was a great cantaloupe. In addition to cantaloupe it has an apple (I used green), 1/2 pound of grapes, 2 kiwis, and 1/3 cup of mint. I didn't have a melon baller so I went out and got one. I guess now I have a new way to cut up those summer melons. 

And fruit salad.


I would definitely make this agin. It's going on my pinterest board which is where I save all my favorite recipes.