Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ricotta Cheese

I don't know many people that have made cheese. So that's exactly why I wanted to try and make it. It's actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. Warm milk, add acid (lemon or vinegar), strain, and bam...cheese. 

Doesn't get any fresher.

I found this recipe on Cupcake Project. From what I read it's not actually ricotta cheese. Because actual ricotta is made from whey leftover after you make cheese. This recipe uses milk. And vinegar but I opted for lemon juice. 

I think I drained mine a little bit too much. It was a little more crumbly vs creamy but still good.

I wish I had known how to make this when I made my cannoli. I would have definitely used it for that. Probably would have been cannoli out of this world. But since I didn't feel like doing all of that I made some french bread, threw this, some black, pepper, and honey, put some blackberries on the side and had a nice little snack. 

A snack that was a ton of work especially with making the french bread. But worth it.

I would make ricotta cheese again, if I needed it. But if I didn't feel like making it, I would definitely buy it. It  tastes fresher than most stuff in the store, but I think in most things the difference will be negligible. 

And that was my cheese making adventure.