Sunday, April 2, 2017

Shopping my Stash: Tom Ford Seductive Rose

Back to shopping my stash. I usually forget that I'm doing these. I started to do them as a way to focus on using what I have vs always wanting something new. And they must have worked. Because I look at everything and I'm like..don't need that, already have something similar to that etc.

I also though it would be fun to copy out a palette that I would never buy. Because $82 is a bit high for four shadows. More than just a bit. And I'm finding based on swatches and trying to replicate they aren't even something I want at half price. Too many light colors.

But I'm going to keep on until I've tried to replicate them all because it's still kind of fun. 

Urban Decay Truth

Anastasia Veneer
Anastasia Antique Bronze
Urban Decay Alchemy

So far the seductive rose palette is the best. Has the most interesting colors. But still only two colors took my fancy. The other two shades are just too light to do much of anything for my skin tone. Not to mention those shades are a dime a dozen and don't seem unique at all.

I wasn't able to replicate them spot on. My favorite colors is the darkest pink purple. I used Urban Decay Alchemist for it, but Alchemist was a bit too bright. I added some Antiqued Bronze from Anastasia, and then two of the lighter shades which I didn't even try to replicate too closely. I used the lightest as a brow highlight and then added the other slightly under the middle of my eye.

Looks really faded in the picture. But it was a bit more vibrant in person.

The best palette so far, but I don't find myself wanting it all. Maybe the shades are better in person than what I've been seeing online?

Who knows. I don't even know where to go to see one of these palettes in person. 

Stay tuned because next I will be duping Silvered Topaz.