Sunday, May 28, 2017

Brown Oatbread

So I've finally caught up on all my recipes- that means I won't be posting a recipe I've tried every other post. Feels good to be caught up and hopefully I won't get behind again!

 I love baking bread- and I really need to expand on the type of breads I can make. I pretty much have only been making flat bread. Because it's so quick and easy! But I can also make cinnamon roll dough, hamburger buns, french bread, puff pastry, biscuits, and now this brown oat bread.

I originally thought this was going to be similar to the bread they have at the cheesecake factory. I haven't had it in awhile- but from what I remember it was pretty good. When I actually looked at the recipe, I found this recipe is actually pretty different from the Cheesecake factory bread- this is made brown with molasses.

Basically you soak some oats in some hot water and molasses, add yeast and flour. Mix it all together, let it rise a couple times, bake, and all done!

What I didn't like about this recipe is when I added the two cups of flour, I didn't really have dough- it was way to liquidy. And reading the comments I found I wasn't the only one. So I ended up adding almost two extra cups of flour to make an almost dough. It was still way too loose and could probably have used a lot more. The ratios in this are just way off.

But I greased up the pan and let it rise anyway, I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out from there and didn't want to waste all my ingredients.

I cut the first slice when it was still warm out the oven and didn't really like it. The molasses taste was to strong. But I had some the next day after it had a chance to cool and then I actually really liked. It  made two loaves for me, and I had plenty of bread for sandwiches throughout the week. And also to go with the enormous pot of pinto beans I made. 

It was an easy recipe, and after letting it set a day, it was pretty good.  I want to say I would make it again, but I would prefer making a recipe that had the ratios already right. 

I got this recipe from the Game of Thrones recipe blog. Two more months for the show- and I am tired of waiting!