Saturday, May 27, 2017

Samples Review: Benefit They're Real Makeup Remover, Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream, Agave Healing Oil Treatment

I managed to find enough samples in my drawer to do another review. I've been running low since I haven't been buying any makeup. But next week might be the week for me, because I'm going to Vegas on Wednesday! And I cannot wait. Vegas here I come- but in the meantime, I'll finish up this post-passing the time and getting closer and closer....

Benefit They're Real Remover- I've had this sample for years. I think I got it in a sample bag. I found it randomly and decided to just go ahead and use it up. It's not like I ever intend to buy the mascara- and the mascara I'm using is a bit difficult to remove, although not waterproof-  so I thought I would try it.'s terrible. Don't waste your money. It's $18 for 1.7 ounce. It took a bit of rubbing to get my mascara to dissolve, then I went in with my regular cleanser and still had a bit of mascara left after rinsing off. I think I'm gonna stick with good ol' Coconut Oil for this job. Cheaper, and also very conditioning to the lashes.

Bobbie Brown Hydrating Face Cream
I found this not too long ago in an empty Bobbi Brown foundation packaging. I completely forgot it was in there. So I decided time to use it up. It will run you $58 for 1.7 ounce. Again, nothing I would buy- I will just stick to my oils and butters- natural stuff. But I will definitely use up a free sample. It was hydrating and way more lightweight than I was expecting. Nice base for makeup and I did feel like I woke up with my skin a little brighter- if it wasn't just in my head. I didn't mind it. But again, I still wouldn't buy it.

Agave Healing Oil Treatment
Another sample I've had forever. I guess I was saving it. I was surprised to find this isn't an oil- but some sort of silicone mixture. I think they used to sell it at Sephora. I didn't like it much. It reminded me of the cheapie Fantasia IC anti-fritzz serums, with a not so great smell. I think it used to be sold in Sephora, but not anymore. I can't find much about it. Just know I really didn't like it. Wouldn't buy it. Not really interested in the line. It really did nothing for my hair. 

So that's all for this round of samples. Nothing super exciting. Nothing I would be interested in purchasing, but still fun to test out some new products!