Saturday, May 27, 2017

Qorma-E-Lubia (Kidney Bean Curry)

Sticking the the order that I make things in, this was supposed to be a cookie recipe. But that week I made cookies for work and didn't really feel like making another batch of cookies so soon. So I picked something from the main recipes. 

I think this is supposed to be a kidney bean curry. A vegan curry. Which I'm not sure I am used to the idea of a vegan curry- if you say curry I'm ready to eat some chicken in there somewhere.
Fresh ground spices in a Mortar and Pestle- I have since learned to TOAST the spices before grinding.

I made a couple changes to the recipe. Instead of canned I went for dried beans and soaked and cooked them myself. I usually prefer doing that way. 

Basically you start off some onions in some oil, then add beans, coriander, water, salt, turmeric, garlic, cumin, and tomato sauce.

Then you are supposed to let it cook for 20 minutes.

I let it cook way longer and I didn't really get the texture I wanted with the beans. I like them to get really soft and creamy, and my beans remained firm.  Too firm I also think it could have used more tomatoes. But the spice combination was nice for me. I didn't really taste the dash of mint I added, but I did add it.

Overall, I kind of like the recipe- but I think I would make changes if I made it again- like using a different beans, or just trying a recipe that uses dried instead of canned beans from the jump.

I also didn't make the rice that went with it. And I definitely picked up all the ingredients for it- I just got too lazy during the week. So I ate mine with veggies. And the one picture I got I ate it with green beans. Beans with a side of beans. Only something I would do.

Anyway, I don't think I would make this particular recipe again, but I wouldn't mind trying a different version of it. 

You can check it out here for yourself if you are interested. I got the recipe from where I get all my Afghan recipes....

In fact, just yesterday I made another batch of my favorite Shorwa-E- Tarkari, which is just a meat and veggie soup. Takes a bit of time, but worth it! I think it's one of my favorite soups.

Now I'm ready to bake those almond cookies. Next go around for sure!