Thursday, May 25, 2017

Gerald Levert

There is an ugly thunderstorm of course it's blog time. And music time.

Who doesn't love Gerald's voice? And his stage presence. He's an artist that is much better to watch sing live than to listen to his albums. He just puts his whole heart, soul, and body into the song he's performing. Which is completely opposite for a lot (most) artist especially these days.  

This is from the group Levert...but it's all the same. My favorite part of this song is about 2 minutes and 15 seconds in. He legit has a fit-cracks me up every time.

There are really a ton of great performances in youtube land. 

But my favorite songs by him (not including Levert songs!)

You Got That Love
Answering Service
Wind Beneath My Wings- Love this too! But can't embed it.
I'd Give Anything- I think my absolute, without a doubt fave Gerald song. Those Lyrics. In fact, I think I need to put the video here.

And now I think I better end this post before I post a million more vids. I really wish I could post Wind Beneath my Wings with Gerald and Eddie Levert Sr. It's magic.