Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara Review

I think this mascara was discontinuead awhile ago. Like years. I'm pretty sure I bought it in 2014. I never opened it. It just kind of sat in the back of my makeup drawer. I bought it because I had the trial mascara- and I loved it. I was ordering from the Urban Decay site and I wanted to try something other than their eyeshadows. I wanted to see what else the brand had to offer. So I bought some lipsticks and this mascara-since I thought I loved it, I figured I couldn't go wrong with the full size.

Urban Decay claims:
Perfectly sculpted lashes get boost, separation and tons of pretty curl from our Supercurl Curling Mascara, and they’ll last all day!Curl makes a lady. Sculpt your lashes with perfectly sexy curves to feel instantly prettier-than-pretty. Our formula boosts curl, separates lashes, and literally crafts each one into an expertly-shaped, battable set. Part of the secret lies in our molded and curved new technology wand that shapes lashes AND holds curl effectively throughout the day. Even more impressive are the incredible conditioning ingredients in our formula – packed with glycoprotein for lash thickening, moringa seeds to help with curl definition, and Meadowfoam seed oil and Shea Butter for conditioning and smoothing. Take that. We’d probably love this mascara no matter what the tube looked like…. But in the spirit of looking pretty we put it in a stunning mirrored gunmetal tube, embellished with swirling black scrolls. Go on with your pretty self. 

I was surprised when I had the mini and ended up liking it so much. It's one of those curved plastic bristled brushes and I prefer natural bristles. The old school wands are forever my favorite. But this mascara just gave me so much length and volume- although it was a bit clumpy- I could overlook it because it was giving me the results I was after. Well, the mini version was.

The wand is curved. I'm not sure it actually helps apply though, again, I prefer a natural bristle, especially if it's curved.

Fast forward a couple years and I'm not sure if this is different from the min version- but I don't like it anywhere near as much. The formula is a bit to wet. The brush isn't the best to work with. And I feel it's just a bit to clumpy. Also I don't feel I can really get into the roots of my lashes like I can with some other wands. And making sure you get to the roots of your lashes is where good lashes start.

On the plus side, it keeps my lashes curled- I don't generally have a problem, but some mascaras do make my lashes drop by the end of the day. This doesn't. It's also a nice dark black color. And it wears most of the day looking like it did when I applied. Almost forgot to mention, it's not great on bottom lashes. It just doesn't look very good on them and not the easiest to apply either.

As for removal- I find it a little more difficult to get off than usual. I usually have to wash it off twice or I'll find some leftover mascara remnants. 

Almost forgot to talk packaging- it's cute. Urban Decay always has fun packaging. But after a couple months use I find the packaging is peeling off. Not exactly what I expect for a $20 mascara. 

Overall, just a bit too clumpy and I really would prefer a natural brush. But the mini size was great- I really did love that. The regular size just doesn't work for me was well as I thought it would. 

For the price, there are much better priced options in the drugstore that will get the job done well. But I guess that's why they discontinued it.