Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sweet and Spicy Honey Baked Salmon

I love salmon. It's basically my favorite fish. My favorite is blackened cajun salmon. But trying new recipes for salmon is always a good thing. 

I decided to try a recipe from the Divas Can Cook blog.

It was pretty easy. And it tasted OK. A lot of glaze for sure. It wasn't exactly spicy though. And the flavors weren't exactly to my liking.

 Plus I thought it called for a lot of ingredients but the flavors of all those ingredients weren't the best for me. I think if I played with the ratios I would probably come up with something I liked more. Maybe more pineapple juice? I love things to be super fruity, especially glazes.

I just cooked the glaze which was honey, soy sauce, brown sugar, vinegar, pepper, pineapple juice, cayenne, pepper, and garlic power and poured it over some baked and broiled salmon.

I had mine with rice and broccoli for a complete dinner.

It didn't beat my favorite salmon recipe, not sure if I would make it again. But it was OK to try.

You can check it out here.