Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Makeup Videos That Taught Me Something (Part 2)

I did a post like this awhile back, just showing some of the vids that actually taught me something. These days youtube is filled with people doing the same looks on themselves, or trying to sell you something with a discount code. I mostly stay away from those vids. There are a select few beauty youtubers that I love watching. Usually real working artist that have a large knowledge base when it comes to making up every eye shape, face shape, skintone, and skin problem. 

These vids in particular are ones that stand out to me that I thought I would share.

1. Monika Blunder Kerry Washington Inspired Look- I've been into watching her vids lately. She's a working artist that does everything from red carpet to television make up. The only complain that I have (I always have this complaint!) is I wish she would do more deeper toned models. This is one vid that I came across that I thought her foundation was especially we done. So many time I will see someone attempt a brown-skin model and botch it completely. She really brought out the different tones of the model's skin flawlessly. I've seen many people try to do this on youtube and there was always just something heavy and off about it. Especially the overuse of the infamous banana powder.
Check it out!

2. Lisa Eldridge's One Bride, Two Makeup Looks (Plus Vitiligo)- I'm a big, big fan of Lisa Eldridge. I love watching her vids. And especially her vlogs. If you haven't seen them they are definitely worth checking out. And so is this vid. It's nice to see an artist address skin issues that can be a struggle to deal vitiligo. I don't think it has to be covered, but if someone wants to cover it up this is a very helpful vid in learning to do so without looking all heavy and cakey. Her skin looks completely flawless with minimal product and you can't even tell she has vitiligo! Nothing but respect.

3. Robert Jones Uneven Eyelids- I feel a lot of his techniques and looks to be a little dated and formulaic, but I can't deny his color theory vid really dropped some great knowledge on me. I had no idea what this video was when I looked at it....but it was very interesting to see him give her eyes a more even look. No one's face is completely symmetrical, and I just found this video to be very interesting.

And that's all I've got for now! In the meantime I will keep watching and maybe I will do a part 3!