Monday, June 19, 2017

Nars #14 Eye Contour Brush Brush Review

I was going through my brush collection to see if there was anything I might not have reviewed....and came across my NARS eye brushes. I bought this around the time they started replacing them with the newer, sleeker brushes. I really like the look of the old brushes- although the new ones are pretty cool too, there is just something about the classics. 

NARS #14

It looks very similar to the new NARS 44 brush. This brush is 80 percent goat and 20 percent pony....and soft. Yet still dense. I use it mostly like a pencil brush. So to apply and blend color on the lower lashes or to smudge out pencil liner. 

I have the MAC 219 pencil brush. And I prefer this over that. I just think it's softer and does a better job. 

It's made in China. I believe the whole line of NARS brushes are, or at least all that I've come across. As opposed to MAC brushes that are made everywhere from China, Japan, France and the US.

It's a great brush. I really wish they would bring it back- but in the meantime the #44 is similar ( if not identical) enough that there probably is really no need.

I really do need to get some more NARS eye brushes- I've loved them all, with the exception of the brow brush.