Monday, June 19, 2017

Princess and The Frog: Yumbo Gumbo Recipe

I've been in the kitchen again. This time...making Gumbo! I love the Princess and the Frog, and the recipe that stands out the most (besides Beignets) is the one that started it all....Gumbo. Gumbo is what her dad made and jumpstarted Tiana's love for cooking.  I loved that aspect of the story. And I was too hype to try out Tianas dads recipe.

I haven't had Gumbo in years and years. Maybe not since I was little, if I ever had it at all. I just can't remember for sure. This is a simple Gumbo recipe. It is in a children cookbook after all. So the ingredients are a bit simpler-no crab and whatever else you find in Gumbo.

I did change some of the recipe....just little things I thought would give it more flavor. 

First off I browned the flour in the oven with the spices. It's a great combination of spices. I didn't have any Old Bay-so I had to go out and get some. I guess it was about time I picked up the spice-I live in Maryland and Marylanders seem crazy about it. In addition to flour there was paprika (I used smoked), thyme, and salt.

In the meantime I started cooking down the onion, celery and green onions. This was the extra bit I added. Originally you just throw it all in the broth with the sausages but that seemed wrong to me. So I cooked them down to get the most flavor out of them. 

I added the sausage.

Then the chicken stock-half homemade that I had in the freezer, and half store bought. And the browned flour/water mixture.

Then added the chicken and shrimp. 

And BAM! Yumbo Gumbo.

Pretty good. Pretty good. I would make it again if I was ever in the mood for a big ol' pot of gumbo. But for now I think I have enough to last just short of forever since it made a HUGE pot. 

I found the recipe posted online here, so I won't repost it. Check it out if you are interested in making your very own pot of gumbo.

Or share if you have an amazing gumbo recipe you think I should try.