Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade Review

Oyin was one of the first brands I literally drooled over when I first went natural. It was much raved about on the hair boards and I put it on the top of my list of things to day. That was 8 years ago.  I will order makeup and all kinds of other stuff but hair stuff I like just picking up in the store! Since I don't really order hair stuff...I was super excited to find it in Target. The packaging is a little different but it's definitely Oyin.

Oyin claims:
Similar in texture to an old school 'hair grease,' This blend of oils, butters, and veggie waxes acts as a humectant and protectant for hair, increasing shine to a high glossy sheen and locking in moisture. It's packed with essential fatty acids to nourish scalp, and actually sinks into your hair and skin for a long lasting, non-greasy feeling. It's great for braids, imparts shine and moisture to loose hair, brushes nicely into the hairline for a glossy finish, and adds luster to locks! Contains virgin coconut cream, mango oil, and hempseed oil in a base of nourishing castor oil.
HOW TO USE Rub between your fingers or palms to soften/liquefy. Use to moisturize scalp, to twist locs, to seal the ends of twists or braids, to polish a pulled-back style or an updo, to add weight to the canopy of your hair, to weigh down flyaways or control frizz, or to create waves on super short cuts.
Store in a cool, dry place, and use within one year.

The first thing I did when I got it was rip the lid off and give it a sniff. I heard raves on the scent. And .....burnt sugar already sounds like it would smell amazing. But, I wasn't that impressed. It smells like pancakes with maple syrup. Not a bad scent...when I'm eating pancakes and syrup. But not a scent I want in my hair. And it sticks around for just a little bit- so you will smell it. 

It's literally a pomade. Think of those old school hair products like Murray's...but this is not made cheap petroleum jelly. All good ingredients. 

It can be heavy. So I don't advise being heavy handed. Even going lighter on it, I feel like it has made my hair a little stiffer than it usually is-which I'm not too happy about. 

I like it best for sealing in other moisturizers.  I tried it on it's own with a twist out, on it's own to pop curls...and just not a fan of how heavy it is on my hair. Using it to seal your hair (lightly) gives you a little sheen while really helping to seal up the moisture in your hair.

Like I said the texture is like a petroleum jelly. And you have to be careful because it can go all gritty on you. Nothing a quick nuke in the microwave can't solve though. Just let it harden and it will be good as new. Not permanently. It will go gritty again. 

The ingredients are all natural. The company is black-owned (yay for supporting black owned business!), and it's made in the USA.

castor oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, organic virgin coconut oil, mango seed butter, olive oil, unrefined hempseed oil, candelilla wax, cocoa butter, broccoli seed oil, fragrance... and love

That being said, I wasn't blown away. Wouldn't buy this particular product again, but I will definitely try a couple more things from Oyin. They have a whipped pudding that looks great...and also their natural deodorants get all kinds of raves. I wish they sold those in Target too!