Thursday, June 29, 2017

Shopping my Stash: Tom Ford Silvered Topaz

Back to shopping my stash. Because I've got the urge to buy makeup. I notice it's usually how I cope with certain emotions. Basically shopping rehab-but kind of pointless because a lot of what I want to buy are colors I already have, or stuff I will buy and use once or twice and then "save it". So to stay strong, I thought I would do another one of these posts. 

Of course, I love trying to dupe these $82 palette. Four colors for $82. Something I would never buy. And if I did, I would have to be getting a really steep discount. 

This is one of the first palettes that I looked at the swatches and actually really like the colors. Well three of them. I think it's because of that dark brown color. I love matte dark browns. But the grayish color and the taupe are also really beautiful too! I don't care for the glitter top coat color from the swatches. Could be different in personn though.

Also I had a hard time finding color matches for the grayish color and the taupe/pinkish/purple brown. I only really love two colors out of four. So even if I were going to by a Tom Ford palette, loving half wouldn't cut it and this wouldn't be it.

I came up with sort of color dupes. Nothing too close, I really don't have these colors.

I had Provocateur from Urban Decay. MAC Embark, and  Urban Decay Angel (which is not grey at all!), and I had absolutely nothing for the glittery shade. 

I only used the dark brown dupe and provocateur (which is a glittery chunky shade). None of these colors are showing up true to how they looked in person. Bummed.

I put Mac Embark all over the lid. And then patted the glittery shade over it.  I really like the look-although probably nothing close to what looks the palette would product.

I tried. And failed. But I had fun.