Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mini MAC Haul

Anyone else notice MAC likes to have sales at the most inconvenient times? I need MAC sales to happen in the middle of the month after all the bills are paid. was 25% off and I ended up not being able to resist anyway. I justified it  since I haven't really bought any makeup this year. My favorite thing to buy is eyeshadows...and I'm on an eyeshadow ban until I can use up 30. Yes, 30. That made it really hard to pick what I wanted but I managed. 

MAC Fix+
This was the whole reason I placed the order in the first place. I've been hearing about FIX+ for years and always meant to buy a bottle...but I kept forgetting about it. Not this time. Finally got myself one. I figured it could come in handy, especially since I've been wearing powder foundation and notice sometimes if I'm not careful it can go a little cakey. So...FIX+ to the rescue.

MAC Feline Kohl pencil
I ordered this because I have always wanted a smudge-y kohl pencil to smoke out shadow. I'm extra tired of seeing winged liner everywhere. I don't wear it much anyway-because when I wear winged liner I like it with a clean eyelid-because with color or shadow I feel it's aging. So I'm going to try out this kohl pencil and see what I think. I also like that it's extra black and having darker skin it's hard to find something that is black and not grayish-black. I will have to see how it works though!
MAC 188 Brush
All I really wanted to order was the eye pencil and the MAC FIX +. But my total didn't allow free shipping and I hate paying shipping when I don't have to. So I HAD to get a brush. Technically I'm only supposed to be buying one new MAC brush a year. I kind of broke my own rules. I wanted this because there's an artist I watch on youtube that always uses it for creme blush. I don't have any creme blushes at the moment- but I just had to have this brush. I think I will use it with powder blush-maybe highlight. Maybe foundation? I don't know, I just can't wait to start experimenting with it.

And then I picked a perfume sample of Candy Yum Yum. I wore it today. And I can already tell you I'm not a fan. It smelled terrible for the first 30 minutes. Then it got a little better-but those first 30 minutes weren't good.  So no Candy Yum Yum for me. Although I love the shade of pink the lipstick is!

And that's all. A little mini MAC haul and I didn't buy any eyeshadow...or blush...or lipstick. Like I said I wasn't. I did good! (We won't talk about brushes!)