Saturday, June 13, 2015

Shopping for Natural Products? Here are Some Tips

I'm pretty new to using natural products, but already I have learned so much! I thought I would do a post sharing what I know.

Of course, some of those depends on just how natural you would like to go! After doing my own research I pretty much decided I want to go all natural for skincare and haircare. As for makeup, I'm not ready to go all natural with that

1. Stay away from Sephora- Sephora does have some natural stuff. But not much! And what they do have is marked up to ridiculous prices! Take Argan get 1.7 ounces for $48 dollars in Sephora...but if you buy it in a health food store/website you can get 2 oz of Argan for $24. The packaging may not be as pretty but it's functional. Other oils I've noticed a significant markup on are marula oil and maracuja oil (Tarte). Another thing I noticed is that some of the "natural" products they sell have just as junk as stuff you find in the drugstore. Only difference is your paying a ton of money for it.

2. Read the Ingredient List- I've bought a ton of stuff I thought was natural..only when I got it home and checked the ingredients did I realize it was all just marketing. For instance..the Organix line. With a name like Organix you would think it would Nope, not at all! 

 I like to shop online and one thing I really dislike is when a company doesn't list ALL the ingredients. It makes me think they have something to hide. If I can't find the ingredient list on the site I don't purchase. Companies like Aveda and Arbonne are not as natural as you think they are and guess ingredient listing on the site!

3. Check out Health Food Stores- Even in health food stores you should be checking ingredients but you have a much greater chance of finding all natural brands that you may not have known existed! I'm loving Nourish Organic and Deep Steep at the moment! 

Other great places are sites like Iherb and Vitacost. They have some great selection!

That's all I can think of for now...but I'm sure I will have more tips the more I get into it!