Friday, June 24, 2016

Beauty Brands On my No-Buy List

I have a long list of brands I boycott. It's not hard to make it on my no-buy list. For every brand I won't buy, there are five more I want to try. Some brands make it on my list for petty reasons, some for more. So lets get started.

1. Morphe Cosmetics- Anything with discount/affiliate links makes me automatically suspicious. Why? Well, if theres an average eyeshadow widely available that you can't make money from, and a lower than average quality eyeshadow that you can sell to subscribers and make some cash, which one do you think most people will choose? Plus their brush subscription service seems crazy to me, their brushes must be really low quality if you have to replace them every month. Not to mention they are just private labeled Crown Brush. No thanks.

2,3,4. Jeffree Starr, Kat Von D, Lime Crime- I'm just gonna lump these together. I've heard some shady things about Kat Von D and heard she was quite the racist. The owner of Lime Crime took pictures dressed as a Nazi, and Jeffree Star has said so many racist/rude things it's crazy. Basically I boycott these brands because of racism. I don't care if it was 10 or 20 years ago, there are better companies for me to give my money to. 

5. Makeup Geek- I don't like the customer service. Last year, the company released a bunch of glittery shadows. The packaging was faulty and ended up exploding on many people. Glitter is not fun to clean up and can ruin your carpets. Instead of refunding people for something that was their fault, they were charging $1.00 for sifters. Some people did get the sifters free but I thought they should have offered refunds.There are a couple more things I don't like about the way the company is run. Plus I have seen the owner be very rude to people in her comments. They are later deleted...but still. I just think the company could behave a bit more professionally. Also I don't like purchasing things that I don't have the option of returning. 

6. Becca- I had wanted to try something from Becca for awhile. But I couldn't really justify it because I don't wear highlighter very often. Most people already know but Becca teamed up with a popular Beauty Influencer that supposedly collaborated 50/50. Until the shadow palette was found to not be the same quality of other Becca products, and also made in China. Also the face palette highlighter is a different formula.The eyeshadow palette was pulled...or not.  It's still on some shelves in Sephora. The whole thing was handled unprofessionally and with greed. I may change my mind in a few years...depending on how Becca handles itself. But for Becca for me. 

5. Gerard Cosmetics- The whole bullying customers thing is a huge no no. Plus the fact their products were more than MAC and you could get them with a discount code for about $10 just makes the company seem extra shady.  Not to mention the contracts they made their influencers sign to only give positive reviews.

6. Benefit/Tarte- Benefit is a very gimmicky brand in my opinion and nothing I've tried by them has worked. Tarte I have never tried and don't plan to. Both the companies I see paying for extravagant trips for their influencers instead of trying to give back to the people that actually support them and I don't like that. Why not do a giveaway for your loyal customers and send them to Hawaii? 

7. Stila- I used to think Stila was a cute brand. I still do want to try their eyeliner, but everything else I've seen from the brand doesn't seem to great. They really need a redo.

8. It Cosmetics- Some of their packaging looks really old and stuffy to me, like the Naturally Pretty palette. But that's not why I wouldn't purchase from them. I saw them trying to get the brown girl dollar by sending their products to deeper skinned beauty influencers. The problem is they only have one deeper shade and it's not even that deep. The girl in the video still raved about it, while admitting it looked ghostly (ghastly) on her skin tone. The whole thing just didn't sit well with me and reflected badly on the company. Brown women come in deeper shades than a brown paper bag.

9. The Balm- I don't like their packaging. I think they could use more diverse women on the packaging. I like the colors in the Meet Matte Trimony but I think the packaging is ugly. I just hate the themes they use. 

10.Sleek Makeup- I was really excited to try Sleek after I saw raves for the eyeshadow, highlighters, and blushes. I ordered from the site and didn't receive anything for over a month. Their customer service was awful and unhelpful, until I filed a dispute with my bank. I don't believe they would have refunded me had I not filed the dispute. Their makeup might be great...but I'll never know. I wrote about it here.

11. Almay- Their advertisements gets on my nerves. They market the "All American Girl" in a very specific way. If you don't look like their vision of American Girl...too bad. Some with Physicians Formula...but I would probably still buy from them because they aren't as bad. Plus I like their eyeliner pen...but no Almay. Although I did see they did add one deep shade to their lineup.

12. Kylie Jenner- Of course, I'm sick of all things Kardashian/Jenner. Plus I'm not a fan of the way liquid matte lipsticks look...especially now that the weather is warmer.

13. Arbonne- Almost forgot to add this one. I hate MLM companies. A lot of their marketing states the products are all natural but I find the ingredients similar to what you can find in drugstores.

14. Younique, Jamberry- Again with the MLM companies. I don't like the spidery look that Younique mascara's provide and can't stand the fake look of Jamberry. Plus I hate constantly seeing advertisements from people trying to push the overpriced product on other people.

Other companies like Urban Decay and Too Faced are not on the list...but I am wary of them. The quality of Urban Decay has been declining. At least for the palettes. Just like Too Faced. I think maybe the individual stuff is still good (hopefully). 

That's my no-buy list for now. It's always subject to change. Those are just a handful of companies. Are there any companies you boycott?