Sunday, May 21, 2017

Flourless Anything Crumble

Terrible recipes usually come in clusters for me. The last recipe I tried wasn't that great and neither was this.

It's a healthy take on crumble. I should have known. Most desserts that try to be healthy fail miserably. Not always the case, but most times. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is the banana ice-cream I made. Best healthy dessert recipe I've ever tried. The candy bars were pretty good too. 

But this was a disaster.

I got the recipe from Self magazine. It calls for blueberries and nectarines. Nectarines were out of season so I just decided to use green apples. It said you can sub in any fruit you like and I just happened to have a huge bag of green apples. 

Apple crumble is pretty good. Especially with ice-cream. Which I picked up in anticipation of this.

It also has maple syrup, lemon juice, salt, cinnamon, and olive oil. And the ingredient I'm mad at.....Quinoa flakes. I like quinoa. It's good, and it's good for you. But these were expensive flakes....they were six dollars for the box. And I just don't like the green, earthy taste of quinoa in a dessert. Especially in this dessert. And I also don't like quinoa flakes as a breakfast cereal so I'm stuck with it. Any ideas on what to do with it?

So I cooked it up. It was pretty easy.  Make the crumble, place over the sliced and spiced apples and bake. Then eat. Or not. Maybe throw it out.

It was...not good. The topping wasn't good. And that's the best part of apple crumble/pie or just fruit crumble/pie desserts. It needs a buttery, fattening crumble- because that's the only way to do it. It really is.

So this was a fail. I still put ice-cream on top. And I still ate it. But I hated every minute of it.

I'm kinda made just thinking about it. It could have to do with the fact that I haven't eaten anything yet and I'm feeling kind of "hangry". I don't know. 

So this recipe was a waste and I would NOT recommend making it to anyone. Nor try to serve it to anyone. 

I will still post the link- just in case you want to check it out for yourself. It lists sage as an ingredient
but that wasn't in the magazine version. I think it could be a misprint.